written matter

Poems and photos by Andrew McLuhan

72 pages / 23 March 2021 / 9781947544345


I hurt my angels
and my angels
got tangled
in five angles

—Ezra McLuhan, 2017



Soft touch matte cover paperback.

Book design by Joseph Uccello. Printed on paper with 30% PCW and bound in the United States.

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About the Author

Andrew McLuhan is a husband, father, writer, researcher, teacher, craftsman, and author, based on a “word farm” (as youngest son Virgil calls it) near Bloomfield, Ontario, Canada. While Andrew’s well-known grandfather Marshall McLuhan, and father Eric McLuhan, formally studied and taught poetry, he prefers to explore it from the inside out, experimenting with perception and the senses, playing with language and form, and particularly with the analog instruments of pen and pencil and paper.

written matter is Andrew’s first book, following seven ‘zines of art and poetry and a self-published work of science fiction, The Mutant Beavers of Delhi.

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