Revel in lore…

Welcome to REVELORE PRESS. Our inspiration is encoded in our very name: revel in lore. The one thread that weaves together everything we at Revelore do is the joy of narrative, the delight in language and what it makes possible, and sparking that joy in others, whether as consumers or creators themselves.

Revel in lore.

For example, astrology is a storytelling technology, just like English or German, except it has planetary rules in addition to grammatical ones, and relies on other human languages to be communicated—a language within a language, so to speak. The vision for the press is to work with and publish like-minded revelers who have something profound to bring to our experience of narrative in all its forms (even nonlinguistic) and establish a supportive community to allow this work to grow and morph as we grow together.

How far can we go, and who are we becoming as we do this?

Note that Revelore’s purview is not limiting itself to a specific realm. For it to be successful, it has to take a collaborative approach based on teamwork from the get-go. Everyone who has joined the Revelore team is fully mandated to flex their creative muscles and make their own publishing visions real. We share the same values of distributed leadership.

This rhizomatic element is critical to the vision. Together through Revelore, all of us seek to generate a space of genuine generosity, reciprocity, and joy in the creation and exchange of ideas that push the limits of what we can know, do, be… and yet we are all independent creators pursing many other crafts alongside whatever we do at Revelore.

We invite you to join us at our table, converse, convene, and contribute to the conviviality and conjure new worlds with us.

Our Team


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