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Every story blooms within ecosystems of words. Cultures are just that: cultures. Ecologies. When we see text as living, then we can see we live in – to borrow a word from author Antonio Lopez – media ecosystems.

Word ecologies are realities in flux, negotiated by the reality of its textual biome. Words construct the world. They are magical in their potencies, so that the correct passage can open up the future.

This is what we’re interested in at Revelore: books that open up the future, that take challenging directions and seek to re-contextualize the present for new possibilities.

Integral Imprint at Revelore looks to help open the future with new ways of thinking, perceiving, sensemaking, and imagining the world. Books that re-contextualize the present. That remix magic, consciousness, and “planetary” thinking into manifestos on art and aesthetic, critical theory and mysticism. Modes of thought that embrace liminality and seek out latent, but emerging planetary mythologies. Philosophies that also revel in lore.

We have our roots in the Human Potential movement of the 1970s, drawing from the revival of esoteric practices and scholarship, the integrative philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and Jean Gebser, or the futurist oriented thinking on “planetary culture” of the Lindisfarne Association and the Whole Earth Catalogue. We are a hybridization of what came before and what is yet to come: a consciousness culture of the Anthropocene.

Recognizing that we are a unique constellation of mystics, consciousness scholars, artists, philosophers, esotericists, and activists, living and writing in the present, Revelore’s Integral Imprint seeks to bring forth novel combinations of thinking and enacting “planetary culture” – an intellectual, literary community – which has more recently been described as “transformational” or “visionary culture.” We believe the most important activity we can do is to establish a network of publishing and writing – a media ecosystem – to allow maximum exchange and synergy between who we feel are the most exciting writers in this line of thinking.

The books we publish aim to be inspiring, intellectually and aesthetically, and most of all generative – further instances of planetary thinking in a time that needs a consciousness culture that is already leaping into the future, lit up and electrified by the magical re-working and re-mixing of ideas for tomorrow.

We’re looking for manifestos on aesthetics, integral hybridizations of critical theory with visionary and spiritual scholarship, and collective, rhizomatic, anthologies that help to build a consciousness culture that is not merely a counter-culture, but more like the living root system of magic, art, and intellectual mysticism for the future human being.

Currently Available

Crossing the Threshold: Etheric Imagination in the Post-Kantian Process Philosophy of Schelling and Whitehead

Matthew David Segall

This book is a philosophical experiment in thinking, feeling, and willing beyond the transcendental threshold of Immanuel Kant’s critical philosophy. It draws inspiration from the organic process philosophies of F. W. J. Schelling and A. N. Whitehead to articulate a descendental aesthetic ontology showing the way across the epistemological chasm that Kant’s critiques hewed between knowledge and reality. This descendental inversion of Kantian transcendentalism aims to bridge the chasm—not by resolving the structure of reality into clear and distinct concepts—but by replanting cognition in the aesthetic processes that power it. The key to this reconnection is found in a new etheric power of imagination, which if consciously cultivated can grant the process philosopher direct experience of the cosmic creativity expressing itself in both the depths of the soul and throughout the physical world. With human knowing no longer conceived of as a transcendental onlooker but rather rooted again in cosmogenesis, the ancient hermetic maxim that we are microcosmic participants in the Life of the Whole is reaffirmed.

We are living in end times. With climate chaos, an accelerating mass extinction, and signs of civilizational collapse, the Earth community is being drawn into a planetary near-death experience (NDE). These end times, however, also mark the threshold of new planetary identity in the making. Drawing on an impressive range of scholarship from such fields as Big history, comparative religion, transpersonal psychology, and integral philosophies, Sean Kelly reveals the features of this new identity and invites us to consciously participate in its making. Guided by the ideal of Gaia as “concrete universal,” Kelly offers compelling insights on the nature of an emerging world spirituality that some describe as a second Axial Age; on the elements of a complex-integral ethics for the Planetary Era; and on the role of the death/rebirth archetype for understanding the charged field of contemporary climate activism. The book culminates with an inspiring meditation on the possibility, in these end times, of a third way beyond both hope and despair. In contrast to the restrictive anthropocentrism and technocentrism of mainstream discourse around the Anthropocene, Kelly speaks instead of the Gaianthropoceneas our new geological epoch. It is an epoch where, even and especially as we face the fires of planetary initiation, we can awaken to our deeper nature as living members of Gaia, the living Earth in and through whom we have our being.


Fragments of an Integral Future: Essays on Reclaiming Time, Planetary Poetics, and Integrative Thinking (2023)
Jeremy D Johnson

In this philosophical manifesto, Jeremy reclaims the notion of “futurism” from the techno-utopian dreams of exponential progress. In the process, an “integral futurism,” however incipient, gleans forth, promising a new phenomenology of time and a new, seductive ontology of tomorrow; one where symbiosis and planetary thinking might thrive.

Askēsis and Perception: Philosophy as a Way of Life (2023)
Adam Robbert


Jeremy D Johnson, MA is the publisher of Integral Imprint at Revelore Press, a Senior Research Associate at Perspectiva, and editor at Integral Leadership Review. He is the author of Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness (2019) and the forthcoming Fragments of an Integral Futurism (2021). Jeremy is a contributing editor of Mutations: Art, Consciousness and the Anthropocene (2021) and host of the same-titled podcast show.

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