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Every story blooms within ecosystems of words. Cultures are just that: cultures. Ecologies. When we see text as living, then we can see we live in – to borrow a word from author Antonio Lopez – media ecosystems.

Word ecologies are realities in flux, negotiated by the reality of its textual biome. Words construct the world. They are magical in their potencies, so that the correct passage can open up the future.

This is what we’re interested in at Revelore: books that open up the future, that take challenging directions and seek to re-contextualize the present for new possibilities.

Integral Imprint at Revelore looks to help open the future with new ways of thinking, perceiving, sensemaking, and imagining the world. Books that re-contextualize the present. That remix magic, consciousness, and “planetary” thinking into manifestos on art and aesthetic, critical theory and mysticism. Modes of thought that embrace liminality and seek out latent, but emerging planetary mythologies. Philosophies that also revel in lore.

We have our roots in the Human Potential movement of the 1970s, drawing from the revival of esoteric practices and scholarship, the integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and Jean Gebser, or the futurist oriented thinking on “planetary culture” of the Lindisfarne Association and the Whole Earth Catalogue. We are a hybridization of what came before and what is yet to come: a consciousness culture of the Anthropocene.

Recognizing that we are a unique constellation of mystics, consciousness scholars, artists, philosophers, esotericists, and activists, living and writing in the present, Revelore’s Integral Imprint seeks to bring forth novel combinations of thinking and enacting “planetary culture” – an intellectual, literary community – which has more recently been described as “transformational” or “visionary culture.” We believe the most important activity we can do is to establish a network of publishing and writing – a media ecosystem – to allow maximum exchange and synergy between who we feel are the most exciting writers in this line of thinking.

The books we publish aim to be inspiring, intellectually and aesthetically, and most of all generativefurther instances of planetary thinking in a time that needs a consciousness culture that is already leaping into the future, lit up and electrified by the magical re-working and re-mixing of ideas for tomorrow.

We’re looking for manifestos on aesthetics, integral hybridizations of critical theory with visionary and spiritual scholarship, and collective, rhizomatic, anthologies that help to build a consciousness culture that is not merely a counter-culture, but more like the living root system of magic, art, and intellectual mysticism for the future human being.



Living in End Times: Beyond Hope and Despair
Sean Kelly

In this essay, professor Sean Kelly confronts the planetary crisis by first acknowledging that we are living in end times. Then what happens? By drawing comparisons between personal mortality and a species-level near-death experience, Kelly reframes the collective crisis as a planetary initiation. Like any initiation, we are now called to awaken to a deeper, more integral selfhood not only for the sake of humanity, but for web of life that is Gaia and its unborn.

Fragments of an Integral Futurism (Winter 2019)
Jeremy D Johnson

In this philosophical manifesto, Jeremy reclaims the notion of “futurism” from the techno-utopian dreams of exponential progress. In the process, an “integral futurism,” however incipient, gleans forth, promising a new phenomenology of time and a new, seductive ontology of tomorrow; one where symbiosis and planetary thinking might thrive.


Mutations: Art, Consciousness and the Anthropocene (Winter 2020)

Mutations is our first Anthology, featuring writers like J.F. Martel, John Anderson, Brandt Stickley, Heather Fester, and Revelore’s very own Jenn Zahrt. If you are interested to learn more, go here.


Jeremy Johnson, MA is the founder/director of Nura Learning and has worked in the online learning field for five years with companies such as Evolver and the Open Center in New York City. He is a foundering editor at Liminal Magazine and a served as contributing editor for Reality Sandwich. He has published on OMNI, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Kosmos Journal, Evolve Magazine, and Evolve and Ascend. Jeremy is the current president of the International Jean Gebser Society.

Have a project proposal for Integral Imprint? Contact Jeremy at
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