The Ascendant Vol. 2


The Ascendant is the official journal of the Association for Young Astrologers. The Ascendant delivers a curated selection of work that simultaneously showcases what the newer generations of astrologers are doing and serves as an introduction to the myriad forms of astrological practice and research methods. We publish articles that demonstrate the cutting edge of astrological praxis.

The second volume of The Ascendant contains papers that cover the reconstruction of previously unknown traditional material, innovations in the application of astrology, novel perspectives on the philosophical implications of the art, astrological practices in various global geographies, considerations of the new crop of academic studies of astrology, as well as the conversation unfolding in our community about astrology and intersectionality and astrologically inspired art by artists around the world.

Copies of Volume 2 will be shipped to arrive to you on May 22, 2018.

All proceeds from the sale of this journal go directly to AYA.

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Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors ~ 4
Jennifer Zahrt, PhD, Daniel Larkin,
& Nicholas Civitello

Op-Ed: A Reflection on Disability in Astrology ~ 5
Michael MacLafferty

Wonder Woman Returns ~ 9
Wonder Bright

Art: Pilgrims in the Sky:
Envisioning the Paths of the Wandering Stars ~ 20
Grant Hanna

Seven Reflections of Light:
Considerations upon the Seven Hermetic Lots ~ 25
Lars Panero

Afflicted Syzygy and Daimon as Indicators of
Violent Death According to Vettius Valens ~ 35
Tania Daniels

Medieval Timelords in Modern Life:
The Firdaria Through the Life And Career of Madonna ~ 43
Cassandra Tyndall

Cosmos and Chaos:
Perpetual Tides of the Venus-Mars Epoch, Part II ~ 48
Gary P. Caton

A Critical Review of the Babylonian Berossus’
Contribution to the History of Astrology ~ 60
Estabon S.R. Duarte, AMA MACAA

Hindutva and Indian Astrology’s Modernization ~ 64
Freedom Cole, MA

Pluto’s Weird History:
Dumb luck? Dumb note? Dumbell? ~ 70
Kenneth D. Miller, MA

An Astrological View of the Nuclear Age
in Light of TNO Borasisi ~ 82
David Leskowitz

Telling the Story of Our Future:
What Will Astrology Be Like in 2025? ~ 90
Kent Bye

From the Archives: Celestial Interpretation ~ 95
Count Hermann Keyserling,
translated by Jennifer Zahrt, PhD


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