Foil Holocrine

by Jenn Zahrt

68 pages / 4 March 2019 / 9781947544147

Limited edition of 100 copies signed and numbered by the author. Featuring original artwork by Thomas Brown II and cover art and book design by Joseph Uccello.

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Foil Holocrine contains 35 poetic works by Dr Jenn Zahrt, penned over a period of two decades of literary experimentation. The Afterword encapsulates it:

I have become an intangible high-pitched noise. Five minutes spent in half-attention, but I remain unchanged. Keep looking for another dimension, interacting with the world around me and waiting for the page to turn. I was immediately injected into those pages last night. Fervor in the grandest sense of the word. Reactions cannot begin to explain this aftershock. An unsure look in the mirror to number that page? To assign a category to a scene in time… to stand for ten minutes, mouth agape, wishing to translate three-dimensional reality into one-dimensional words. I have crossed over this day into a new reality, my spirit transcends matter, as my story transcends linear writing, I have an inkling of proof in my soul. It is the last day of school before I to go Germany for a year. A threshold has been crossed and I have passed the test. And now I close my eyes and wait to imagine every page turning—the reality I sense is only a quarter of what is really there. Quite frankly, my filter has been torn, was torn, last night. I am ready for more. I can find more stimulation in what was once mundane. This anti-stasis of mentality. Transcending the present and therefore consuming the present in entirety.


As Foil Holocrine finally makes its second print debut through Revelore Press, some words on its genesis are due. The original manuscript exuded spontaneously last millennium, in September 1997 in Vancouver, Washington, and has been processing, accreting for twenty years. In June of 1998, I broke into my parent’s off-limits computer while they were out of town and typeset and printed the first edition using a single open MS Word document and never pressing save, leaving no digital trace. I wrote the above paragraph after this nearly twenty-hour publication excursion was complete and before I went to the print shop to create twelve copies. To my knowledge, only one extant copy remains. Material in the section titled ‘Quarried’ appeared in an experimental lit.pub called The Quarry, run by R. Mullard Jobson and his cohort of literary vandals. Their current whereabouts and remaining copies of The Quarry remain unknown. Thanks to: the original Quarry horde for the impetus, Thomas Brown II for his illustrations, Joseph Uccello for his book design, and Wintermute Grey for everything. Finally, deep gratitude to the Emerald Quarry crew in Seattle, Washington for resurrecting the energy that enabled my first poems to precipitate.

Jenn Zahrt, PhD
Skyway, WA


Foil Holocrine is not only the first volume of poetry Zahrt ever released but also the first book she ever published. This limited edition is the first volume of poetry to appear through Revelore Press. Hillary Schofield’s Wrest will appear later in 2019.

Pen and ink drawings by Thomas Brown II

About the Author

Dr Jenn Zahrt is an author, publisher, and teacher of cultural astronomy and astrology, as well as a poet, editor, artist, translator, typesetter, and astrologer—in other words, a meteorite. In 2017 she was appointed as an Honorary Research Fellow at the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. She researches the many forms of astrology emergent across human cultures past and present, with a special focus on early twentieth century German culture. She is the founder of Revelore Press, creative director of the Sophia Centre Press and the deputy editor of the peer-reviewed journal Culture and Cosmos. She has taught and lectured domestically and internationally in places such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. She is currently based out of Seattle, WA. Discover more of her work: www.jennzahrt.com

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