The Ascendant Vol. 1


The Ascendant is the official journal of the Association for Young Astrologers.

The first 144 limited-edition copies of volume 1 are sold out. Revelore Press will be reissuing a standard edition of volume 1 shortly. Volume 2 is expected to launch by May 22, 2018.

All proceeds from the sale of this journal go directly to AYA.


Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors ~ 4
Austin Coppock, Jennifer Zahrt, PhD
& Nicholas Civitello

An Introduction to Astrological Magic ~ 5
Eric Purdue

Into the Crucible: On the Talismanic Art ~ 10
Tony Bruno Mack

Saturn Returns and Sect ~14
Leisa Schaim

What is a Queer Astrology Conference? ~ 20
Ian Waisler

Reflections on a Lost Generation of Queer Astrologers ~ 27
Gary Lorentzen

Astrological Remediation: An Introduction to Theory and Methodology ~ 33
Andrea L. Gehrz

Photography: Venus Envy ~ 38
Wonder Bright

Cosmos and Chaos:
Perpetual Tides of the Venus-Mars Epoch, Part I ~ 42
Gary P. Caton

Interactive Art: Astro Orchestra ~ 52
Katie Grinnan

Human Use of Radioactive Isotopes:
The Problem that Won’t Go Away ~ 55
J. Lee Lehman, PhD

The Future of Immersive Astrology ~ 64
Kent Bye

Artwork: Constellation ~ 71
Yvette Endrijautzki


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