Conversing with the Plants: Marcus McCoy and Perpetuating the Mysteries

Meet Marcus McCoy, of the Viridis Genii Symposium, House of Orpheus, and newly, the Troll Cunning Forge. I met Marcus at an herb conference years ago and began following his work in the magical and herbal world. His concept of Bioregional Animism has been particularly influential. In this interview I was particularly pleased to hear his thoughts on the ways that language affects our magic and work with the plants as well as its historical roots and impact.


Casandra: Hello Marcus! Thanks for talking with me. We are here to discuss plants, magic, and community. How did your relationship with the plants begin? Was there a specific plant or moment of insight that particularly influenced you?

Marcus: I grew up on a rural Oregon farm and self-sufficiency was just a value system I was raised with; it was a necessity. Read more