Conversing with the Plants: Lara Pacheco

Welcome to the first interview in the Conversing with the Plants series. The intention of this series is to begin a dialogue about the potential for developing deep relationships with our bioregions and the plants that inhabit them while highlighting herbalists and magical practitioners who make this the focus of their work. For the first interview I spoke with Lara Pacheco. I attended herb school with Lara and have watched her work and relationship with the plants evolve over the years and was curious to know more about the ways those relationships inform her projects on the community level.


Casandra: How did your work with the plants begin? Was there a specific plant that you developed a relationship with? What type of training have you had along the way?

Lara: I could explore this question for hours. I think it began, really, as a child. I went to public school near the beach in Virginia. I saw that the land there was getting swallowed up by senseless development, Read more