All that walks and flies and grows on the surface of this Earth exists at the endless intersection between soil and sky. Our bodies are sign posts, caravans, moveable mountains made of stardust and fueled by starlight, dancing at the edge of the Abyss.

This edge kisses the vacuum of space, an atmosphere chortling towards infinite fire-gods whose cold distance obscures their pervasive meddling with earthly affairs. Conversations, cosmic jokes, aeons-long dramas find home, find expression, in our minute experiences, golden meaning spun from stories made of light and shadow, gravity and rotation, orbit and nova.

Golden meaning, golden strings, a harp-shaped nebula — plucked just so, a song harmonizing with a symphony so pervasive as to be forgotten, heaven-sent white noise, beauty concealed in plain-sight, plain-hearing. Who will strum with intention? Who will foreground this wealth of story, of meaning, of the learning that only mundane mythology teaches, empyreal actors upon a supernal stage?

If your lyre is ready, waiting, why are you not playing?

If your throat — golden! starlight! — yearns to sing, why are you not singing?

What is devotion if not the song of celestial love played out in motion, in prayer, in action, in adornment, in choice, in cultivation of those gleaming truths and gloaming virtues rending this mortal existence? What is devotion if not purpose?

KALLIOPE at Revelore

KALLIOPE captures the songs of the devoted, distills them into legibility, turns them into scores that others might savor, delight in, inhale the in-spiration of the symphonic substrate of being.

KALLIOPE is teaching through awe, sharing the hallucinatory wine at the feast, creating the audible gasp as the artist perfectly forms the cipher for what can never be translated.

KALLIOPE is by practitioners, by devotees, by relationists, for practitioners, for devotees, for relationists.*

KALLIOPE preserves experience, facilitates conversation, traverses continents, interweaves generations.

KALLIOPE is the symphony, the strings, the conductor.

KALLIOPE wants your starry-eyed wonder.

KALLIOPE wants you to sing. 

*Relationist: one who engages with the world, seen and unseen, as full of Others with whom one is already in relationship with, and can enter into more intentional, intimate relationship with should everyone involved consent to such. Here, it is used as a more specific and less-historically-fraught descriptor than “animist,” that is, one who acknowledges the consciousness & personhood in Others animal, vegetable, mineral, spirit, etc.


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Yr Conductor

Diana Rose Harperis a relational astrologer and book doula living in the arms of the San Gabriel Mountains on the traditional land of the Gabrielino-Tongva people. She is a repeat lecturer at the Northwest Astrological Conference, a repeat guest on The Astrology Podcast, and a repeat co-conspirator with more-than-human beings.

Diana Rose Harper

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