The Quaquaversal Beastiary


A first-ever deranged adult coloring book experience by Magus Hannah Haddix of Cascadia, featuring new and undiscovered creatures from her arsenal of imaginings. Color at your own risk!

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About the Artist

Hannah Haddix is a Seattle-based, world-traveling artist, fetish model, psychonaut, and general alien-brained deviant. Inspired by her formative years living with Genesis P-Orridge and touring with Psychic TV, she enjoys utilizing the cut-up method in collage work, and ritual magic that doubles as performance art. Hannah is known for her shameless and creative expression, dream documentation, willingness to express the less glamorous aspects of life, and fight against online censorship.

Hannah resides on a rooftop in downtown Seattle with her snakes, Chauncey & Malkuth, and her extraterrestrial surrogate lover, Baelien. Her apartment has been dubbed The Darkhouse of Possibilities and that is where she spends her time making cut-up collages, drawing impossible creatures, having naked dance parties, and exploring vivid dreamscapes.

You can see more of her creations, collaborations, videos, and photo shoots at  


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