Space Weather Report

by Anthony Nine

48 pages / September 2018 / 9781947544079


Space Weather Report is a coloring book by Anthony Nine. It is definitely not a spell, and will not quietly align your thought patterns with invisible machinery working towards some undisclosed purpose. Nothing like that. The artwork was generated by method of automatic drawing, and the text received by a process of scrying into the pictures. Any dreams of towering star-headed figures moving levers in a blue room, or of four planet-sized pulsating hearts in space, are in no way related to coloring the pages of this book.

Copies will ship in January.

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About the Artist

Anthony Nine draws pictures and writes words. There is a window, and behind the door is a candle. The sea is filled with the dead and there is a post box in the forest.

Additional information
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .24 in

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