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\\ Stories at the liminal edge \\

As poet Muriel Rukeyser so powerfully explained, “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” And through story, we can revision and reimagine through new myths and visionary narratives what our universe might look like. And while dystopian stories that have flooded the literary landscape continue to suggest a desolate future, there is always light on the horizon. At Revelore Press, we see a future that is enchanted, magical, at times surreal, intersectional, inclusive, vibrant and dynamic in voice, representative of the many and not the few, engaging, challenging, socially aware and always pushing us toward new ideas of what is possible in futures imagined and still to come.

We believe that through new myths, new heroes may emerge that can illuminate the path forward for all of us.

What we seek: books that tear through the veil, dance along the liminal edge, move forward and backward in time, works that enchant, fictions that double as grimoires, stories of unlikely heroes, terrible villains, and unimagined outcomes.


As much as we are curating fictions, we are also curating possibilities and the prose we seek reflects this very core idea. Shock us, dazzle us, and take us somewhere unexpected. Be dark, be bold, and always be beautiful. And together, let’s put dazzling new myths into the world.


Berlingeles, by Stefan Kiesbye

In a dystopian future, Los Angeles has been walled-in, Berlin-style, and a ruffian youth, pitted against our 96-year-old protagonist, seeks a way out of this maze…

Curator of Fictions

Coe Douglas, MFA is a writer, editor, and publisher. His work has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, Fantastic Floridas, Burrow Press Review, Perversion Magazine, The Rumpus, Heavy Feather Review, Metazen, 904 Magazine, The Tampa Review OnlineBrooklyn Rail, and the anthologies 396 Hours and EAT: Flash. He wrote the screenplay for the film The Devil Incarnate and the documentary Paperhand

He has an MFA from the University of Tampa and is the founding managing editor of Bridge Eight Magazine  and the co-founder of the Abridged Reading Series in Jacksonville, FL. He has worked on his stories at both the Tin House Summer Writer’s Workshop and Breadloaf. Coe runs the Wonderland Writers Workshop and is currently working on a novel and a book about storytelling.

Have a project proposal for our Curator of Fictions? Contact him at
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