This black book will be talismanically crafted especially for you by Nicholas Constantine Grossenbacher using late-classical techniques and carefully-sourced natural materials, through a hesychastic practice that incorporates astral magic, numerological schemata, and parallel labors in the nightside workshop. If you so choose, you can also provide information (in the form of letters, names, words, numbers, etc that are significant to your being and your praxis) and/or materia magica that Nicholas will weave into the astral and physical fabric of your talismanic black book. Only eleven black books will be created in 2018.

336 pages
~11×6 cm
hand laid Italian paper
black Italian calfskin (humanely sourced leather)
cotton, linen, beeswax
vegetable glue
natural dyes

Product image depicts a black book Nicholas created for the SAINT CYPRIAN novena in 2016. Final product will be slightly different than shown, according to the specifications above.

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About the Artisan:

Nicholas Constantine Grossenbacher is Revelore’s chief curator of talismanic techne and alchemical arteIn joining Revelore, he weaves together the disparate yet parallel threads of his meandering lifelong journeys through ancient craft, alchemical philosophy, practical pharmakeia, historical scholarship, and systems of knowledge and praxis both revealed and chthonic.

Through a chance encounter in an ancient monastery at the base of a sacred mountain in a remote corner of the Egyptian desert, Nicholas was instructed in the ancient Greco-Egyptian art of manuscript production, at the site of the world’s second-largest collection of ancient manuscripts. A few years later, he travelled to monasteries and archives throughout the Balkan peninsula to conduct a comparative study on the archaeology of medieval bookbinding, and in so doing honed his mastery of the craft.


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